Welcome to druckwerk

The druckwerk in Basel has been in operation since 1995. The 160 square meters of space are used for a hand-printed studio for artistic printing techniques in the Warteck PP workroom. The studio is run by the druckwerk association. The druckwerk imparts knowledge in intaglio, relief, lithography and letterpress techniques, develops commissioned works, is available to artists as a workplace and is open to all interested persons.

Corona: Cancellation Courses & Workshops

Due to the current situation, the evening courses will not take place until further notice.

However, it is possible to work individually on the course evenings, whereby no more than five people may be present. If you want to make use of this option, you must register in the TEAMUP calendar, even if no machine is used.

Tariffs, Reservations & Occupancy

The facilities of druckwerk are available for personal and group use. It is possible to make reservations for machines and working areas.
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Current Courses & Workshops

The druckwerk offers courses and workshops for artists and other interested parties. In addition to Etching & Relief Print and Lithography & Woodcut, a course on Typesetting & Letterpress is now also offered. - Participation is possible at any time.

New video made in druckwerk

The artist Lucinda Tanner prints a woodcut at druckwerk Basel.
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